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Kids Kitchen Step Stool Helper - Learning Toddler Tower

$124.99 $149.99


  • FREEDOM IN THE KITCHEN - Encourage your child to learn, interact and assist you making dinner while standing on their own toddler kitchen stool. Kids love feeling like they are part of the action when at counter-height. And, it is helpful all over the house, for instance it can make teeth brushing time in the bathroom a breeze.
  • MADE FROM SOLID HARDWOOD – Our kids kitchen stool will look great in any kitchen. It has a modern compact design with a removable back safety rail and the hardwood makes it rock-solid sturdy.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - Don’t worry about your toddler outgrowing the stool with an adjustable platform step that can be set to 2 optimum heights to accommodate all kids. Even at the high setting the toddler stool is still an easy step up for the young ones.
  • THE FINE DETAILS - Rounded-over edges for style and comfort, countersunk screws and anti-slip treads and feet pads are included for additional piece of mind. Plus, it’s been tested and certified to comply with all applicable children's product safety rules.
  • SAFE AND DURABLE - Made from 100% real hardwood with a non-toxic and lead-free finish that has been independently tested to exceed all child safety standards. And, backed by a company that stands behind all of its products.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If you are not completely satisfied with your Kids Kitchen Stool, send it back with free returns for a full refund.
  • Learn more about kids in the kitchen.
  • Learn about all types of Montessori furniture.
  • Watch a how-to-assemble video.

The Kids Kitchen Stool by KATANABANA can be used to embolden your child to learn, interact and help around the house. Use the stool to give your child a boost up to the counter or table for arts and crafts, fun projects, eating a snack, helping make dinner, baking cookies, washing hands, brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed. You name it, the stool comes in handy for anything around the house. It's the ideal partner for toddlers.

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