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The Montessori method relies heavily on the independence and self-direction of the child. We at KATANABANA believe that collaborative play and hands-on learning are the keys to the creative choices that make this method so successful. Kids furniture that incorporates these features will play an important role in fostering your child’s independence.

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Kids Love It

The Kids Kitchen Stool Helper by KATANABANA, along with our other Montessori furniture, can be used to embolden your toddler to learn, interact and help around the house. Use the stool to give your child a boost up to the counter or table for arts and crafts, fun projects, eating a snack, helping cook dinner, baking cookies, washing hands, brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed. You name it, the stool comes in handy for anything around the house. It's the ideal partner for toddlers.

Perfect in Any Kitchen

With an aesthetically pleasing design, this learning toddler tower will look great in any kitchen or anywhere around the house. It’s made from solid hardwood and has a modern compact design which along with the adjustable platform height ensures for years of use with your little one. But, even with its solid construction, the stool is light-weight enough for parents to easily move it around the house as needed. And, the back safety rail is easily removable for even more options, but it can still be secured in place with screws.
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Excellent customer service. I love their products!


Excellent customer service. I love their products!


Excellent customer service. I love their products!


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